Artist Tim Carroll Recreates Anson N168 in Unique Way

Master of the Mosaic. Craftsman of the Collage. King of Card Art: all of these titles are befitting of artist Tim Carroll. His latest creation is a thing of beauty for Anson aficionados. Tim shares his insights into the creation of his artwork, and his appreciation for the original in an exclusive interview.


A Moment in Time, Anson's Colts - August 28, 1908

Anson's Popularity, Even in Retirement, Was Big Draw for Small Communities

In March 2012, I discovered a unique real photo postcard (RPPC) that sent me on an immensly satisfying research journey! The postcard itself, pictured below, was a treasure trove of interesting clues about a moment in time relating to Cap Anson. At over 100 years old, it's amazing this postcard survives. The details it captures are stunning, and it stirred in me a desire to learn all I could about the moment on display.

FULL STORY Commissions Baseball Artist Mike Floyd
To Create A One-of-a-Kind Cap Anson Keepsake

Working on a round, leather canvas, artist Mike Floyd creates unique works of sports art one baseball at a time. The New Hartford, NY resident has quickly gained a reputation among both sports and art collectors for his stunning, photographic-quality illustrations of vintage baseball players. Each work is a custom creation, painstakingly drawn and painted by Mike's own skillful hand. was proud to recently commission an original work from Mike Floyd, and delighted to share these photos of his creation.

For more information and images of his other creations, please visit Baseballs by Mike Floyd.


In Pursuit of Anson's Autograph...

My Fortuitous Acquisition of an Authentic Cap Anson Autograph

For a lifelong baseball fan and collector, it was the find of a lifetime.

I've been collecting baseball memorabilia since the age of eight, when I first discovered Topps Baseball Cards at Schuler's Drug Store. Since then, I've expanded my collecting pursuits to include autographs, original art, game-used equipment and even bobblehead dolls. I've also become an amateur baseball historian, researching the origins of baseball in Chicago and the city's first star, Adrian C. "Cap" Anson. This website is the fruit of my labors. I hope it does adequate justice to Anson's memory. I never expected to be rewarded for creating it, but sometimes fortune smiles.

Such was the case when in April of 2005 the opportunity of a lifetime stumbled into my lap. I was looking through eBay auction listings as I so often do when an item caught my eye and sent shivers down my spine. There in a listing was a first edition copy of Anson's biography "A Ball Player's Career," a remarkable and rare book in its own right. Yet what had my heart racing was a photo of an inscription on the first page of the book. There in beautiful, flowing fountain pen was the inscription "May 28, 1906. To my little friend Edwin D. Wrenn. Adrian C. Anson."


Book Cover

Title Page

Inscription recommends reading author Howard W. Rosenberg's
historical four volume Cap Anson series on 19th century baseball:

Cap Anson 1: When Captaining A Team Meant Something: Leadership in Baseball's Early Years
Cap Anson 2: The Theatrical and Kingly Mike Kelly: U.S. Team Sport's First Media Sensation & Baseball's Original Casey at the Bat
Cap Anson 3:
Muggsy John McGraw and the Tricksters: Baseball's Fun Age of Rule Bending
Cap Anson 4: Bigger Than Babe Ruth: Captain Anson of Chicago

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